The N0VA N-4080i is a high performance, omni-directional area imager bar code scanner. It uses digital imaging technology to provide intuitive and fast reading of 1D and 2D bar codes as well as supporting more advanced features like image capture deactivation. It is designed for various OEM solutions, on-counter reading options. TIt supports up to 500mm reading depth of 1D and 2D barcode, its scan rate is up to 120 scans per second in linear emulation and 60 images per second in 2D area mode. Based on CMOS technology for optimal image sensitivity and dynamic range, the N-4080i features scanning speeds faster than traditional 2D imagers. NOVA N-4080i is a high performance area imager scanner, provides customers with the most cost-effective solution in the market and perfectly suitable and definitely the best choice for any retail and logistic environment.

  • Read the most common 1D, 2D, composite and stacked codes, reduce your investment cost.
  • Boost customer services with good ability to scan virtually mobile bar code on various types of display.
  • With the most compact footprint can fit in the most space constrained areas.
  • Best cost-effective investment.
  • With internal RF antenna which could connect with EAS deactivation system for deactivation purpose.
  • 1D Codes
  • 2D Codes
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  • NOVA N-4080i

    NOVA N-4080i
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Tech Specs


Ambient light
Up to 100,000 Lux (direct sunlight)
- 0~100,000lux (natural light) Up to 100,000 Lux (direct sunlight) 100,000 Lux Max. (Sunlight)


Dimension(WxDxH) Light Source Filed of View Depth of Field Resolution Indicators Print Contrast Ratio EAS
152x152x91mm 625±10nm Red LED Horizontal: 40°, Vertical: 25° Up to 300mm@20mil/0.5mm, PCS90%, Code 39 1D: 4mil/0.1mm, 2D: 8mil/0.2mm Beeper and LED 25% YES
- - 152x152x90.2mm 152mm(W) x 153.2mm(H) x 84.12mm(L) - - Visible red light 625nm LED Visible red light 625nm LED - - 80° Horizontal, 55° Vertical Horizontal 62°× Vertical 41° - 20-50mm - - - - 3 mil / 0.076mm 1280 (H) x 800 (V) pixels - - Beeper and LED Beeper and LED - - - ≥20% - - Built in EAS RF antenna -

Electrical Characteristics

Interface Power
RS232, USB (Virtual COM) DC 5V @2A
- - RS232, USB HID or Virtual COM RS-232 or USB( HID or Virtual COM.); cable length 180cm - - DC 5V @2A DC 5V
Configuration Default Card Configuration Guide Datasheet E-Catalogue Specification
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