SCANTECH ID is a high performance counter scanner designed to solve the bottleneck of computing system by traditional counter scanner. The LIBRA L-7050 superior performance, reliability and durability which mean increase overall performance and values of system in retail/POS computing and enterprise system solutions. Drawing from decades of engineering experience, the SCANTECH ID LIBRA L-7050 is designed to deliver better performance and reliability, featuring. It can delivers higher scan rate and scan performance than any other counter scanner on the market. With an unequalled 2000 scans/second and a unique scan pattern of 24 scans lines. The LIBRA is the choice of every retailer who wants to optimize counter environment with a winning scanner performance and a great design!

  • The competitive pricing and higher performance of scanner amongst competitor’s model in its class
  • LIBRA focuses on its durable characteristic with IP 42 rating and 1m drop resistance
  • Reading all 1D standard barcodes, includes GS1 Databar family
  • Auto-sense function saves power for improve life time
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • With the most compact footprint can fit in the most space constrained areas.
  • Multi-interface solution for the most popular interfaces
  • Wallmount hanging for easy installation
  • Scanner head can be forward and backward adjusted in a total 102° range to accommodate to your application need.
  • EAS compatible
  • Best cost-effective investment.
  • 1D Codes
  • GS1
  • LIBRA L-7050

    LIBRA L-7050
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Tech Specs


Ambient light
Up to 4,800 Lux
- Up to 4,800 Lux Up to 100,000 Lux Up to 4,800 Lux Up to 100,000 Lux


Dimension(WxDxH) Light Source Depth of Field Resolution Scan Rate Indicators Print Contrast Ratio Scan Pattern EAS
161.5x97.7x94xmm 650±10nm VLD Up to 230mm@13mil/0.33mm, PCS90%, Code 39 5mil/0.127mm 2,000 scans ± 5% Beeper and LED 30% 6 direction scan field, 24 lines scan pattern Yes
- 164x116x84mm 161.5x97.7x94xmm 67x62x46mm (body only) 67x62x46mm (body only) - 650nm ± 10nm Laser diode 625± 10nm Red LED 650±10nm VLD 625±10nm VLD - Up to 240mm@13mil/0.33mm, PCS90%, Code 39 Up to 230mm@13 mil/0.33mm, PCS90%, Code 39 Up to 230mm@13mil/0.33mm, PCS90%, Code 39 Up to 230mm@13mil/0.33mm, PCS90%, Code 39 - - 1D: 4mil/0.1mm, 2D: 8mil/0.2mm 5mil/0.127mm 1D: 4mil/0.1mm, 2D: 8mil/0.2mm - 1350 scans 60 images 2,000 scans ± 5% 60 images - Beeper and LED Beeper and LED Beeper and LED Beeper and LED - 30% 30% 30% 30% - 5 direction scan field, 20 lines scan pattern, Single Line option - 6 direction scan field, 24 lines scan pattern - - Yes Yes N/A N/A

Electrical Characteristics

Interface Power
RS232, USB(HID, Virtual COM), KBW, Power USB (option) DC 5V @2A
- RS232, USB(HID, Virtual COM) RS232, USB(HID, Virtual COM) RS232, USB(HID, Virtual COM), KBW, Power USB (option) RS232, USB(HID, Virtual COM) - DC 5V @2A DC 5V @2A DC 5V @2A DC 5V @2A
Configuration Guide Datasheet E-Catalogue User's Manual
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  1. Adaptor-5V(Small, Length=2.5m)

    • Adaptor-5V(Small, Length=2.5m)
    • Champtek p/n0104-SP00091
    • RemarkSwitch Power Adaptor 90-264V 5V/2A 90 degree 2.5m
    • Color-
  2. Cable-SID-PS/2(Length=2m)

    • Cable-SID-PS/2(Length=2m)
    • Champtek p/n0114-SM02121
    • RemarkScantech ID PS2 MD6M + MD6F + RJ48 Straight Cable Black color 2m length
    • Color-
  3. Cable-SID-RS232(Length=2m)

    • Cable-SID-RS232(Length=2m)
    • Champtek p/n0114-SM01121
    • RemarkScantech ID RS232 DB9F + RJ48 Straight Cable Black Color 2m length
    • Color-
  4. Cable-SID-USB(Length=1.5m)

    • Cable-SID-USB(Length=1.5m)
    • Champtek p/n0114-SM04121
    • RemarkScantech ID USB + RJ48 Straight Cable Black color 1.5m length
    • Color-
  5. Cable-SID-USB+DC Connector(Length=1.5m)

    • Cable-SID-USB+DC Connector(Length=1.5m)
    • Champtek p/n0114-SM04221
    • RemarkScantechID MICA USB + DC + RJ48 L=1500mm Straight Cable Black
    • Color-

Relative FAQ's

  • How to re-establish BT connection?

    When the scanner is the master device and cradle is the salve, while scanner goes to sleep mode, the cradle is always on for waiting the master device, to re-establish the connection is controlled by the master, hence press a trigger of the scanner will re-establish the connection

    When you connect the scanner with PC, the scanner is set to Slave mode and the PC is the master, when BT disconnect you have to establish the connection from PC, since PC is the master device, it will search the slave device, and the slave device is listening.

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