About Scantech ID

Scantech ID BV, a Champtek Incorporated company, founded in 1987, is a leading European manufacturer of optical devices specialized in AUTO-ID technology including barcode scanners, price checkers and scan kiosks. Since then a substantial global market share has been built up. Scantech ID products are distributed to 85 countries.

Scantech ID joined Champtek Inc in 2006 and this marriage brought the world market a complete and mature product line with two brand names.

“SCANTECH ID” branded:

  • Price Checkers / Scan Kiosks
  • Desktop Scanners
  • In-Counter Scanners
  • Omni-Directional Laser Modules

“CHAMPTEK” branded:

  • 2D Hand Held Scanners/Modules
  • CCD/Laser Hand Held Scanners/Modules
  • RFID Solutions / Applications
  • Slot Card Readers / WAND Readers

The state-of-the-art barcode scanners and scan kiosks are designed for retail and industrial applications. A high standard is set to ensure product reliability and durability with outstanding performance. The mission of Scantech ID is to continuously invest in new technology for product improvement to increase customers' satisfaction and to enter new industry markets.

Scantech ID Brand Story

Champtek was founded in 1985 and has full dedicated to the innovation of Auto ID products. Champtek has been one of the top manufacturers in the world-wide barcode industry.

In order to develop the market in Europe and expend the product lines, Champtek merged the global top 5 omni-directional scanner manufacturer, Scantech ID, in 2006 and has been the well-known manufacturer in Europe.

Champtek currently owns two brands, including "Champtek" and " Scantech ID", and provides the total solutions to meet the variety of customers’ needs.

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Business & Technology Partnerships

Here at Scantech ID, we co-work and provide the best services to our partners. We dedicate ourselves offering high standards and professional customer service in markets such as retail, manufacturing, transportation & logistics, distribution and warehousing.

In this ever-changing environment, success cannot be achieved alone. As part of this dedication, Scantech ID has developed alliances with industry leaders in hardware, software, technology, and services so that we can together offer customers innovative solutions to their business needs.

Scantech ID has partnerships with important technological leaders for the research and development of new products and solutions, leaders such as WINCOR, FUJITSU, UNITECH and TOSHIBA etc.